Pastor Stanley Lo-Nathan - Founder - Sudan for Christ Ministries

Pastor Stanley Lo-Nathan, founder of Sudan for Christ Ministries, native of Yei, South Sudan, was educated in Cairo, Egypt and graduated Victory Bible Institute.  With a calling to return to Yei and minister to the great needs of South Sudan, Stanley shares the love of Jesus through the many outreaches of Sudan for Christ Ministires.

Sudan for Christ Ministries' vision is to raise up a generation of future leaders that will restore and rebuild the great nation of South Sudan.

Stanley and his wife, Vick, have five children – Deborah, Daniel, Esli, Blessing and Bill Asiki.

Dreamland Children's Home

Dreamland Children’s Home is an orphanage in Yei, South Sudan caring for children who have lost their parents  to either war or disease.  An outreach of Sudan for Christ Ministries, Dreamland is raising a generation that will literally change the nation of South Sudan, through the power of God’s love and restoration. 

Dreamland currently cares for 128 children.  

On a daily basis, these children receive housing, nourishment, education and the love of Jesus

through the generous efforts of Dreamland’s staff and faithful supporters.  

We believe that among these children are future leaders of South Sudan and the Kingdom of God.

Dreamland's Arrival at Camp Rhino, Arua, Uganda

The Dreamland children were forced to evacuate their home in Yei, South Sudan because of the war.  Leaving so much of what they possessed in Yei, they only brought necessities--a few of their belongings.  They were challenged to trust God for needs they might have as they traveled and upon arrival in Camp Rhino, Aura, Uganda.

Missionaries were available to assist them in settling in their new home.  They encountered many challenges along the way,

including stormy rain and wind that blew and destroyed temporary tents; but as often found with these children, 

their countenance never changes no matter what circumstance they may find themselves in.  It is evident by the smiles on their faces and genuine peace in their hearts that they have learned God to be their Source of everything they need.

To God be the glory for meeting their physical needs, as well as their emotional, educational and spiritual needs--

all because of the generosity of those who financially support them individually and corporately as a whole

through the special projects that have been needed throughout this process...

Dreamland Children Currently in Camp Rhino...

The photos displayed with this video are those of which come from their arrival at Camp Rhino, 

a refugee camp in Arua, Uganda, the children's temporary home until they are able to return

to their homeland in Yei, South Sudan.

This song was written and composed by Cory Kent with Cory and his son, Miles, as vocalists.  Thank you...