Dreamland Update...

Clean up work currently taking place at the home facility, in addition to the very important task of planting maze (corn) and other crops.

If you would like to be involved in this project, 

you can plant your seed for these precious children

by clicking on the link below:



We still don't know when the children will be able to return,

but preparation through Bishop Stanley and others is under way.

Thank You, Jesus!

Return to Yei, South Sudan

Pastor Martin Duku (below) was sent by Bishop Stanley LoNathan to the Dreamland Children's Home in Yei, South Sudan, to begin the work

of rebuilding the Dreamland.  After hiring a tractor to clear the land, he and a small crew are planting maze to prepare for the return of the staff and precious children currently in Camp Rhino, Uganda.  As featured in the above photos, the Dreamland buildings and contents have been destroyed, leaving only standing walls.  The Medical Clinic, however,  is still intact. 

 "We are believing, by God's grace, for the rebuilding so the children from the exile will come back home."